Adventures In MTL.

I began reading at a very young age and I read voraciously…..still do. I remember my first books being The famous five, The secret seven, Nancy Drew, Hardy boys and then I discovered Lorna doone, Jane Eyre, little women….I am ashamed to say I then discovered bodice rippers (oh, how naughty I felt) Mills and boon and harlequin became a staple for my little teen heart. Soon i branched into serious reads and I was reading Shakespeare, Tolstoy and J.K.Rowling and anything I could from the library. I was a bit of an introvert and I could discover new places and people and have grand adventures all whilst reading these books.

Then I discovered manga and anime and I indulged to my hearts content. Quickly, a problem arose…I was reading faster than they were illustrating and so I began looking for the novels that inspired said mangas. Amazingly, I found translated novels that I had no idea about. Asian literature had been something I had never paid much attention to.

I quickly devoured what stash I could find and then I ran out of interesting things to read since most of the Japanese novels I was reading followed a certain format. I then skipped on to watching shows and movies from said country and the next thing i knew….hello Korea! I had a good time gobbling up everything i could and it was at this time that I discovered Panlong (Coiling Dragon) in wuxiaworld.

I was amazed!! It blew my mind that i had overlooked such wonderful reading and I quickly followed the crumbs all the way to NU. Months later, I noticed that although the translators were doing a fantastic job, I had run into my age old problem of reading faster than they could churn out pages/chapters. I then decided to try and learn mandarin (dedication , people!); but that was a no-go. I am already struggling with Spanish as a fourth language….it was not going to happen.

I decided to take the plunge and let google-sensei do the translating for me. My brain nearly fried the first time I did it…but like every addict, I kept going back and I have developed quite the talent for it. When you find yourself re-reading a book via mtl….then you know you are a goner.

Thing is, I don’t regret a single moment of it.

Mistress, I was wrong.

I have been reading yaoi for over a decade and I always thought BL was my ship and I would usually skip on over to BG romance but I had never thought to get into yuri. I knew it was there but I never thought to get into it. Discovering novel updates was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been stuck with western lit. and fanfictions but discovering the asian lit world…wow! Chinese and korean novels are my drug of choice esp the historical chinese ones. Discovering xianxia and xuanhuan made my life. Like most everyone my first was Panlong and I never looked back . Now imagine combining all my favorite themes and genres and voila! Mistress, I am wrong. I am mtl’ing and so far so good, I love this couple!